What is Ital Gifts?

Ital Gifts is an online marketplace that connects shoppers looking for African and Caribbean inspired toys, artwork, clothing, jewellery or music with a collection of creative and independent sellers.

Supporting Independent Creators
Shopping on Ital Gifts works the same as anywhere else online, but each item on Ital Gifts is listed and sold by an independent seller who has created, locally sourced or hand-made their products.

Ital Gifts has no warehouse.

When you shop on Ital Gifts, you are directly supporting independent sellers who manage their own orders and store their own inventory.

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By Supporting Each Other, We Grow Together

Why I started Ital Gifts

In recent years, with an increased interest in other cultures, there has also been a high and growing demand for unique and authentic cultural gifts, but so often black entrepreneurs are forced to the circumferences of this marketplace.


  Addressing a lack of representation and access:
Black entrepreneurs can often face barriers with access to resources and therefore face added difficulties with gaining and growing a customer-base.
Ital Gifts provides a platform for entrepreneurs and their products to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.


•  Promoting economic empowerment:
Ital Gifts helps to promote economic empowerment within the black community and support the growth and success of black entrepreneurs.


•  Creating a sense of community:
As a black-owned marketplace, Ital Gifts create a sense of community and connection, which encourages collaboration and support among both its sellers and its shoppers.


• Highlighting cultural diversity:
Ital Gifts highlights the cultural richness and showcases the diverse range of products from talented designers, artists, dress-makers and other creative entrepreneurs within the black and wider community.

Johnny Walker - The Founder of Ital Gifts