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Ital Gifts Crowdfunding Campaign!

We know every pound and dollar counts and we are grateful for any amount you can contribute to our campaign.

Every donation, no matter the size, will make a significant impact.

As a thank you for your support, we want to show our appreciation by offering some exciting rewards.

Donate – £25 – Receive a 5% discount voucher

Donate – £50 – Receive a 10% discount voucher

Donate – £100 – Receive a limited edition digital print

Donate – £250 – Receive an invitation to our exclusive event in London

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Buying Multicultural Toys

Multicultural toys can help children to understand and appreciate their cultural background and history, which can be particularly important for children who may not have access to cultural representation in their everyday life.

By providing children with toys that represent their culture and the cultures of others, helps to expose children to different perspectives and ways of life. This can help to build empathy and understanding, which are important skills for children to develop as they grow up.

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Start Selling on Ital Gifts

If you sell African or Caribbean inspired gifts, then Ital Gifts is right for you and your business.

By bringing together a community of independent sellers, we are able to showcase the incredible talent and creativity of Africa and the Caribbean, while also providing shoppers with exclusive finds, innovative gifts and a secure shopping experience.

With a wide range of marketing and promotional tools, sellers can reach a wider market, increase their sales and grow their business.

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