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Feel free to get in touch regarding any questions you may have about your order or to resolve any issues you may have or to simply tell us how we are doing!

Our shoppers’ customer experience is one of our highest priority

If you need to discuss an order, we encourage you to initially reach out to the seller.  – Sellers can answer most questions and solve most problems.

But if you do need to speak to us about an order, email us at – myorder @ – and please provide the order number, we are only too happy to help.

If you are a seller or are interested in selling on Ital Gifts, email us at – selling @ 

To speak to our marketing and media team, email us at – marketing @ 

For all other inquiries, email us at – info @ 

Ital Gifts Ltd – Company Number 14458535 – Rushcroft Road, London SW2 1JH – +44 7502 174 961